Thursday, 23 June 2011

If you are going to help me        
Please be patient while i decide
I can trust you
Let me tell you my story
The whole story in my own way
Please accept  that whatever  I have
Done whatever I may do
Is the best I have to offer and
Seemed right at the time
I am not just a person
I am this person unique and special
Don’t  judge me as right or wrong
Bad or good I am what I am
And that’s all I got
Don’t assume that your knowledge
Is more accurate than mine.
You only know what I have
Told you that small part of me
Don’t ever  think that you know what
I should do you don’t I may be
Confused but I’m still the expert about me
Of living up to your expectations
I have enough trouble with mine
Please hear my feeling not just
My word accept all of them
If you can’t how can I?

by:Karen Flett


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